The Vision Research Community at Washington University in St. Louis

The Vision Research Community at Washington University in St. Louis

Vision research at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri is a significant, multidisciplinary enterprise, in which researchers located in laboratories across the campus investigate many aspects of the biology and pathology of the visual system. Support for our endeavors comes primarily from the National Institutes of Health (in particular, the National Eye Institute) with important additional contributions from internal grants, private foundations and charities. Vision Research at Washington University is supported by two major interdepartmental grants, a P30 vision core grant (which provides access to shared resources and instrumentation) and a T32 vision training grant (which provides stipend support for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows engaged in Vision Research). 
Patients and families interested in clinical evaluation or treatment at Washington University School of Medicine are directed to the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences website.   




We note with sadness the passing of Bernard Becker, M.D.  Dr. Becker, who served as chair of the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences from 1953-1988, was a friend and mentor to many of us. He will be truly missed. 

    A Memorial Service in honor of Bernard Becker was held Friday, November 22nd at 1 pm. (Streaming Video of Memorial Service)

 Links to Obituaries, Wash.U Record, Becker Medical Library, STL Post-Dispatch.




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