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Van Stavern Lab

Neuroimaging features of papilledema: We will be attempting to correlate imaging features of papilledema (dilation of optic nerve sheaths, flattening of posterior sclera, etc) with visual parameters (grading of papilledema, visual field, etc).
Visual and Neuroimaging findings in Neuromyelitis (NMO) patients:  Interrogate existing NMO database at Wash U MS Center- determine visual outcomes and optic nerve imaging features of NMO patients
Survey of Practice Pattern Variation in the management of Giant Cell Arteritis: We are planning to survey practitioners in various specialties (Ophthalmology, Neurology, Rheumatology, and Internal Medicine) about management strategies for GCA. Our hypothesis is that management varies widely among specialties, and that this may result in delayed diagnosis and under-treatment.

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